Bring on the Run

What an exciting start to the week!  The official half marathon training began yesterday, Monday.  I am very excited because I like having a plan.  I also like having something to challenge myself, which this running schedule will do.  My first week looks like this:

Monday:  4 miles (bp)
Tuesday:  6 miles Tempo (7:30 pace)
Wednesday: 4 miles (bp)
Thursday:  5 mile Speed workout (800 m @ 3:15 or faster)
Friday: 4 miles (bp)
Saturday: 6 miles
TOTAL:  29 miles

I am starting out with a relatively low daily and weekly mileage to avoid injury.  I’ll talk more about my running injuries later this week.  In the meantime….look what came in the mail Saturday!  My new Garmin 205!

Yeah baby!  Can you tell I’m excited!  I have to wear it with the screen on the inside of my wrist to avoid it wiggling, but that’s no problem.  I never thought I would want a device that told me how fast and far I had gone.  However, the more serious I became about this upcoming half marathon, the more I thought it would be advantageous.  This will make running intervals, tempo runs, and long runs so much nicer because I don’t have to pre-measure my route and remember mile markers!

I tested the watch out on my tempo run today.  To say I surprised myself would be an understatement.  My times were much faster than I expected they would be, which is a good thing!  It was amazing knowing exactly what pace I was running and how far I had gone.  I will have no trouble getting used to this toy!

Mile 1: 8:12 (warm-up)
Mile 2: 7:02
Mile 3: 7:06
Mile 4: 7:22
Mile 5: 7:05
Mile 6: 7:57 (cool-down)

The key’s to a successful run = Perfect running weather + Focus + Motivation + (an awesome watch?)

With that said, I had better skedaddle to class!  I have to leave in 5 minutes and I haven’t printed out my notes yet!

What motivated you to run (exercise)?
I run to be healthy and to clean my mind. Knowing that I am doing something amazing for my body is enough motivation to get me out of bed in the morning for my run.

About Caitlyn

Hi! I’m Caitlyn. Sister, daughter, runner, student, food lover, and healthy nut. These are the chronicles of my passion for food, running, and simple healthy living. Join me as I weave my way through life one spoonful of a time.
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12 Responses to Bring on the Run

  1. carlydeal says:

    Weather is a huge factor here! I was pumped for a run yesterday, but we had snow (and I’m a big slippery clutz).

  2. Laura says:

    Don’tcha love getting mail when it’s a new toy like that! Congrats on a great first training run!!

  3. WOW YOU ARE FAST!!!!! congrats on your new garmin!!
    i run to clear my head and make me feel good about myself!

  4. You are fast! Way to be! :)

  5. Nicole says:

    Running makes me feel strong and healthy. LOVE that feeling! :)

  6. Dang, Girl! You’ve got some serious speed!! :) Have fun with your new watch! Love testing out new gagets/shoes.

  7. I have been debating splurging on the Garmin watch for a few months now. I have the regular HRM but want an upgrade!

    I just came across your blog for the first time today and its great! I will def keep following :)

  8. Matt says:

    What is your goal time for the half?

  9. That’s so awesome!! When’s the half marathon and where is it?? I’ve been looking for halfs to sign up for to help train for a whole, but haven’t really been able to anywhere around here.

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